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Company Highlights

The Talent Consulting Organization was founded by Lesley Hoare in 2009

Who I Am

Lesley is a talent management and human resources consultant and an Executive Coach with extensive executive level leadership experience across industries and global regions.

Lesley creates innovative, forward-thinking HR solutions for global corporations with large millennial, mobile, and diverse workforces across talent supply, leadership development, performance management, and engagement, positioning them for success.

Known for considering the impact of global HR initiatives on employees and geographic regions, Lesley is skilled in bringing internal and external stakeholders together to adopt and deliver the policies and programs.

As a coach, Lesley is enthusiastic and empowering, with a positive regard for the unique qualities and potential of each person. Her expertise includes providing inspired and strategic guidance for senior executives, including those in career transition, helping them identify and leverage their strengths to achieve their career goals

In the corporate world, Lesley has held HR and Executive Leadership roles at VMware, Oracle/Taleo, Kimberly-Clark, and Hewlett-Packard.

  • Lesley holds an Education certificate from Durham University and MSc in Training from Leicester University in the UK.
  • Winner of Chief Learning Officer Innovation Award 2007
  • Member of International Federation of Coaches
  • Former Program Director Conference Board Talent Management Council

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"Lesley is a wise and transparent leader who rallies teams and coaches individuals to serve the organization and exceed expectations.  Fearless and empowering, she also knows when to provide her deft and strategic coaching.  She is a sought-after trusted advisor who provides clarity and great warmth."

Jeffrey M. Janowitz

PhD, Talent Strategist

"Business results through integrated talent management"